Enrichment Programs

The 1st Class Montessori School curriculum is enriched by exposing students to  Spanish, Japanese, Swahili, sign language and music daily. 

Just For You

1st Class Montessori School founder and directress, Evelyn Thorpe-Hibbler, combines her passion for Montessori education with her love for music. 
"Just For You" is a sing-to-learn music CD and activity book that exposes children to phonics, foreign languages and social and moral character. It is designed to prepare, develop and reinforce learning skills through contemporary, "modern day" music to  enhance life long skills and establish academic excellence for every child.
Murphy the Manatee
1st Class Montessori School directress Erin Thorpe-Parish collaborated with creator James Jackson and nationally recognized artist, art director, and graphic designer Lonnie Robinson to produce a story about a manatee Jackson spotted in the Mississippi River along the banks of Memphis.  
Everyone is excitedly preparing for the big "Manatees Day," but Manny sadly waits for a letter from Elvis Presley. When the letter finally arrives, the little manatee swims from Florida to Memphis, Tennessee where he experiences an unforgettable adventure with two local boys.